Advice from a Twenty Something's AMANDA HOLSTEIN takes on Nashville with Delta + Airbnb

I was barely just getting back from New York City when I get the email from Amanda Holstein of Advice from a Twenty Something that she had received a contract with Delta Airlines. Amanda had the option of going anywhere in the US and without a hesitation, she decided we were heading to the City of Music...Nashville. 

Where We Stayed

The only thing Amanda and I knew about Nashville was that there are some really amazing Instagram accounts based out of Nashville. We were scrolling and searching as we were developing our list of things to do and places to see and came across the most amazing AirBNB EVER! I wanted to live there! 

Where We Visited

Our list could have gone on and on. This town is filled with amazing creatives, shops that you'd want everything including their rugs in the bathrooms and food that I could have gone home 10lbs heavier in just 3 days. To see exactly where we went and more in depth details, Amanda provided amazing Nashville guides ( about 5 guides to be specific).

Thanks Delta + AirBNB for the wonderful experience!