Lisbon, Portugal: The Town of Tiles + Fado Music

Well the first five days were quiet the opening act. I could have stayed in Madrid and the central of Spain for realistically..... forever! But the trip must continue and Ariana, Amanda and myself were off the explore Portugal. 

For those of you who do not know, I speak Spanish. I come from a Mexican and Spanish heritage so Spanish was my first language. But Portuguese, that I do NOT speak. So we definitely experienced a language barrier but it was all part of the adventure. Lisbon felt like San Francisco but A LOT less population. The older colorful homes, the hills, cable cars... and it even has the Golden Gate Bridge! (No, I am not kidding. Google here). But putting those similarities aside, there were a lot of differences too. The tiles. I could do a full blog post on just tiles. The bars and fado music at night. Now those fado bars I could go to every night! 

A Day Trip to Sintra + Cascais

Sintra was literally a fairytale dream. It didn't seem real. We visited Regaleira Estate which has a cave that spirals downwards for days. We visited Pena Palace which is so colorful and unique. It has the Moorish feel mix with Roman taste. Cascais was a little beach town about 1 hour away by train. It was extremely small and definitely one goes there for the beautiful beaches. During our day trip to Cascais, I decided to leave my camera behind and take a day off technology. So images will be shown from here but it is a MUST if you ever visit Portugal!