Madrid, Spain: Traveling Back to my Roots

I had an idea back in July when I had a urge to travel and be a traveling photographer. I wanted to visit the origins of where my dad was raised and the country he praises SO much about. I wasn't sure if I wanted to travel solo so I briefly mentioned it to clients Ariana Lauren from Fashion Born and Amanda Holstein from Advice from a Twenty Something . And without a doubt, they both hopped on the travel bug with me and booked a flight two weeks later. 

We started off the three week journey in Madrid, Spain. Madrid is the liveliest, kindest, full of spirit, food and wine. People would dine and converse until the sunrises. We were even told that water is for bathing and wine is for hydrating. So we had no choice but to simply adapt to the wonderful culture. 

A Day in Toledo

When my dad was a child, his parents would take him to Toledo, Spain for the day. It is a small village about 1 hour away by train. Toledo is best known for mazapanes, hand fans and gold. The town is very small but quaint and charming and you can get lost in their tiny, and I mean tiny, streets. Every corner you turn is a photoshoot opportunity. 

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I see why my dad raves about Spain.