New York Fashion Week - Spring 2017 Runway

Attending Fashion Week has always been a career goal of mine. I made myself go to New York City during Fashion Week for the first time September 2015. And every time I attend, my experience changes, my perspective changes and I grow tremendously from this adventure. This season, I was invited to shoot runway for Ulla Johnson, Monique L'huililer, JCrew, Cynthia Rowley and Johnathan Simkhai to name a few. It was beyond my wildest dreams to be able to shoot runway of some of the top fashion designers in the world. 


My biggest advice to anyone who is attending NYFW is it's ok to not go to everything and do everything you are invited too. It can be a very overwhelming and exhausting trip so make sure to plan your day and give yourself time for yourself. And while it is an exhausting time going all day, it is also it privilege being able to experience one of the biggest events in the USA. I think most people mistake Fashion Week as a time where trendy people go and watch the shows and socialize but what people do not get to see and hear is the behind the scenes of what it actually takes to make this event come true. From hair + make up artists, models, event planners, designers, seamstresses, body guards, photographers, public relations + marketing + social media teams and the list can go on...but it truly takes a VILLAGE to make a 5 minute presentation. BIG kudos to everyone involved in this industry. I applaud you! 


Ulla Johnson


Cynthia Rowley

Creatures of Comfort


tanya Taylor