Rise Love Glow's ALEXANDRA D'AMOUR Visits San Francisco with Aritzia

Alexandra and I met through Instagram about 5 months ago. She is a Belgian Vancouverite based in Los Angeles with family in San Francisco. Talk about a tongue twister and all over the map. But the moment we talked about world travels, I knew she would be a great client fit! And fast forward 5 months, and we are still working together. Even going to Iceland this coming January! 

While all my clients are different and all have different aesthetics, Alex has this effortless, cool girl vibe that just makes my job fun and should I say, easy to shoot? Everything she wears is photographable....her body language is simple and direct....and best part is she lets me choose where to shoot! She partners up with Herschel, Aritzia, Mink Pink and too many more to name them all! 

If you haven't done so already, check out her Instagram ( she's also doing 12 days of giveaways!! ) or the Rise Love Glow site on her travel guides.