The Icelandic Journey: A Journey to Never Forget

I remember planning my trip to Iceland so clearly as if it was yesterday that I was packing my bags and getting ready to jet set to a place I never expected to even have an interest of going.

I remember wanting to go to Iceland but wasn't sure if it was a journey I was going to do solo or whom I would go with. I asked friends and my friends would say " I don't have enough PTO, or I have a wedding costs, or I have a child to take care of." Reasonable excuses that I didn't (don't understand) as my life is at a different pace then majority of my friends at my age. 

Until one day, I got a text from a client I met once and whom she found me on the platform of Instagram, Alexandra D'Amour. She texted me saying "SO crazy but want to go to Iceland?" I wasn't sure if I was excited or weirded out by the fact that I had been manifesting the idea of traveling to Iceland to the universe that it became real. But surely enough, January 6th came and we were off. 

We had NO idea what we were in for. We thought we would see Icelandic horses, see some cool nature spots and waterfalls. And while we sure did see all of that and above, we never antipcated to get the adventure and journey of our lives. And maybe one day, I will share more about the exact journey we went through but for now, I hope to share a glimpse into my brief Icelandic life and inspire you to venture out of your comfort zone. Venture out of your normal vacation spots. Go out and explore the unknown. And even venture out with people you normally wouldn't. You will be surprised what you get what you just step outside the parameters. 

One message that Alex and I always remind ourselves is that....Mother Nature is a lot more powerful than we think. She works wonders. She is capable more than our minds know. But with a little faith and with an open mind, messages that you might not have listened to otherwise, will come your way. No doubt about that....

Did I mention we got to meet the cast of Game of Thrones and met Jon Snow?!?