HonestlyWTF Documents Creative Growth for Method

Recently, I have been really pensive about what type of content is the content we want to produce here at APC. And what content makes us happy. And one of the conclusions we came up with was "to create content with a positive message." 

Erica, from HonestlyWTF, was presented an opportunity to document Creative Growth, an art studio based in Oakland, CA whom works with humans with disabilities. Creative Growth partnered up with the hand soap, Method. Together they worked on a collaboration where 3 art students got to design the newest Method bottles for Target. 

To say that Erica and I were blown away by the kindness of the students and the passion, concentration and drive for the work that the students would create, is an understatement. We live in a world where so much bad is acknowledge and focused on and we forget about what is good out in the world. And being in the art studio filled with creatives whom minds and worlds think different and volunteers who dedicate their time to give the art students attention, made Erica and I want to continue to document this story. 

We hope to create a short motion film about the studio but for now, meet some of the lovely students that we got to meet and have the privilege to take their photograph. You can see more of the post here!