Sydney x A Day in San Francisco

As many creatives have mentioned, going on walks and getting fresh air is good to keep your brain and ideas flowing. I have been walking the same quarters for 4 years now. I pass by the same houses, same coffee shops and even know some of the street cars and whom they belong to. It has become my little path. But just because I pass the same spots daily, my mind views some of these little spots differently. And occasionally, I envision what I could do with that place in terms of a photo shoot. And then the day dreaming begins.....

My team and I decided to do a day of portfolio work. What we can do in terms of these locations I day dream about and play with different concepts and ideas. So we came up with a day in San Francisco. Sydney, our model, goes to get coffee and croissants, catches up on current affairs, goes by a book store to pick up her newest book to dig deep in, gets ready to enjoy the day out and night out. 

Hope you enjoy this little concept of ours.