The Beauty Vanity: Moving to Motion

If there is anything I can tell my current and potential clients, is that the digital marketing industry is moving towards the mini motion segments. There has been a proven concept with still photography and there has also been a proven concept that iPhones can now replace a photographer to a certain extent. And that is especially true for Instagram content creations. But now, in an economy where consumer's disposable income is very limited, consumer's want to invest their money on products that create an emotion, feeling and feel connected to the brand. And that is what motion films do. You capture a feeling and a moment more than 5-7 images in a blog post can. Motion films are NOT as easy industry to get into but it is where the industry is moving towards. 

Below is a video trial we played with Alyson from The Beauty Vanity. We decided to do a tutorial as usually tutorials are written out in a blog post with a few step by step images. But what this motion film does is allows the consumer to physically watch and learn and see the product being in use. The value of motion over stills for this particular promotion, is more valuable and the brands are starting to recognize that.