Always On-The-Go, Packing with Nip + Fab

Traveling has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Even if it is a quick local or near by day trip, I always have to document it and buy a little souvenir. Well, flash forward from my childhood days and my career now allows me to travel off the grid pretty much once a month. I feel very blessed to have a career that meshes well with my lifestyle. But just because traveling is a great experience, it isn't always easy. It actually is not easy at all! The packing and unpacking gets very stressful and having to carry my equipment everywhere gets very straining. But one thing that I make sure to A) always pack and B) keeps my skin in check, especially with airplane air, is Nip and Fab products. 

I have been using their products for about 6 months and their Bee Sting Fix is my ultimate favorite and go to!

+ Did you have a late night? Perfect - use their Bee Sting Eye Fix for a quick plump to look awake. 

+ Do you have to be outside in the sun all day (sounds horrible, right? ). Great - use their Bee Venom Day Cream with SPF 30. 

+ Did you stay TOO long in the sun? No worries - use their Bee Sting Fix Repairing Shot. 

Get where I am going with this? :) You can use this line of products for pretty much anything and everything and for situation that we all know we get ourselves into. 

Give it a shot ( literally ) and let me know your thoughts! xx

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