Blurb Books: What I Do with All 15,000 Images After a Trip.

I have always been intrigued about capturing a moment in time. Whether it be on film, digital on a phone or a video recorder back in the 90's. The fact that we can take a moment and freeze it so we are able to go back in time and relive it with family or new friends is beyond crazy once you really start thinking about it. As a child and even now in my adult years, I would spend hours going through the old photo books. You know… the one with film plastic clear paper and you'd have to physically place the print from your local drugstore that you'd have to go pick up in either 24 hours or 2-3 day service? Yup. I kind of miss those days. But now, we take photos and they just sit and live in our digital devices. And what happens if those devices get stolen or our computers crash? Then all those memories are completely wiped out as if it never happened ( WORST NIGHTMARE EVER!).

As a full time photographer and creative director, I am consistently producing images for clients and for my own portfolio. I have been very blessed to travel with clients to places like Iceland, Tulum, the Southwest and most recently to Provence, France. 

So I decided to start making books of all my travels through Blurb Books. In case you haven’t heard of Blurb, they are an intuitive self-publishing platform and make bookmaking incredibly easy. Especially with their Lightroom plug in - they also offer a variety of different tools to make books, magazines, and more. So I literally come back from a trip, edit photos through Lightroom, transfer those images to Blurb Books and done! Of course, you get stuck in the design portion because it's so fun designing a book with YOUR images! And there are endless options of customizing the book to tailor to your aesthetic, from the book sizing and formatting to the paper you can select. They even offer a paper swatch kit that you can order (and then apply the cost to your final purchase) so that you can see and touch the papers in person to really get a sense of what your book will feel like! The whole process of putting the book together has been quite relaxing actually!

And while we wish we can publish ALL of our photos on social media for our friends, family and followers to see, it isn't realistic to showcase everything you just experienced. So I will be selling my adventure book through the Blurb Marketplace, Ingram and Amazon! I hope this book inspires you to stay curious and adventure!

I hope some day in the future, my kids will look at all my adventures as a traveling photographer as much as I looked at my parent's adventures. It's these moments in life that matter and you want to document.  I am so excited to see what my final book will feel and look like! Can't wait to show you the big reveal coming soon! 

Have you used Blurb before? How do you like to document your adventures?

This post is a partnership with Blurb Books. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting this post!