Adventuring with Blurb Books: The Perfect Way to Document Your Story

A few weeks ago I shared about my passion of going through my parent’s old photo albums and how I love being able to see and be inspired by all their travels and how they documented their story.

With Blurb, I was able to customize and create a truly professional book that tells my story and my journey of this chapter of my life. Their services offer many tools to create your book, but I ended up using Blurb’s Adobe InDesign plug-in which made it so easy to have full design creation control and even easier to upload to the actual Blurb site and send it off to the printer. I chose the large landscape 13x11” with a Proline Pearl Finish paper because I wanted to really showcase the beauty of the place that I have been exploring. Plus, the Proline Pearl Finish felt SO soft!

While it was my first book, and I am sure there will be many more to come, I did need a little help and inspiration in what direction I wanted to do my book cover and the layout of images. Luckily, Blurb has a lovely community of creatives and other photographers whom have shared their work here or through their online bookstore and it certainly assured me of which direction I wanted to go in.

When I received the physcial book, I wanted to sit back with my cup of coffee and go through every image. It brought back memories that probably wouldn’t be triggered, unless I scroll my Instagram feed to see what I have posted in the past. Every image had a story; a story I can now share and tell when my family and friends see my book. And did I mention how AMAZING the quality of pages is?? 

I now have this amazing book that I can set in my office, or in my living room and able to share some of my experiences with my guests or clients. You can also purchase my book through the Blurb bookstore. I hope to give a little bit of inspiration to you all to adventure, keep exploring, and document your story.

Have you ever thought about creating a book of your work? What kind of book would you create?


This post was sponsored by Blurb, but all opinions are my own.