Fashion Born's ARIANA LAUREN Photoshoot in NYC During Fashion Week

This Fashion Week season, I had the opportunity to go with a San Francisco client; Ariana Lauren from Fashion Born.  We partnered up in building and creating her social media presence and making sure that we captured her experience throughout the week. This photoshoot in NYC During Fashion Week was a 5 day process and was so much fun! 

Photoshoot fun in NYC

We would shoot her outfits, runway coverage and everything else in between coffees and avocado toasts. While, we both ran from 6:30 a.m. to midnight on the regular during the week, we managed to survive (with a fashion week hangover). Here are a few of my favorite shots of Ariana during FW! 

Photoshoot in Midtown

While the streets of New York City are even more crazier during New York Fashion Week, Ariana and I managed to hop in and out of taxis to capture any shots we wanted. The great part about that week is that pretty much everyone is on the same level of needing to create social content with their photographers. SO we avoided any awkwardness on the streets! 

Until next September, Fashion Week!